How to change Shape of Eraser?

How to change Shape of Eraser?

In FireAlpaca, the eraser can be any shape, not just circle. For example, there is a preset brush called “Spike”, we will try to use this brush for erasing.

Image. Use spike brush for erasing

Here are two methods.

1. Use “transparent” in the color window

In the upper left corner of the window, you can see an icon with overlapping squares (of foreground and background colors). To the right of it, you will see a checkerboard icon. Click on this icon. This is the icon that activates the “Transparency Brush” mode.

Image. Transparent has been selected

In transparent brush mode, you can use the current brush shape for erasing.

図:とげブラシで消しゴム処理 (青い矩形を削っている)
Image. Erasing blue rectangle with spike brush

2. Hold down the Z key while drawing

You can also switch to the transparent brush (eraser) mode by using keyboard instead of the color window.

This is a very useful function. We recommend using the Z key to erase.

How can I change back to a regular brush?

Click the icon of foreground and background colors in the color window.

Image. How to change back from a transparent brush to a regular brush
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