8-bit Layer – Change Line Color Easily

8-bit Layer – Change Line Color Easily

Some advantages with 8-bit-Layer in FireAlpaca.

  • Light action
  • Easy to change the color

You could change line color easily.

Image. Use 8bit layer to change line easily

So, see how it works in FireAlpaca.

What is 8bit layer?  Check “1-bit Layer & 8-bit Layer“.


1-bit Layer & 8-bit Layer Usually, when we think of "layer",  what comes to mind is a color layer that can be a[…]

Try using 8bit Layer

Image. Before using 8bit Layer, change environment setting in advance.

Let’s Make “8 bit layer”.

Click the layer icon which shows 8 at the right hand. If it shows 8, which indicated the layer is an 8 bit layer. 

Image. Click 8bit layer icon

While drawing with 8 bit layer, it is recommended in these two color setting – Black (R:0, G:0, B:0) , White (R:255, G:255, B:255)The color will be transparent if it is not in black.

White in an 8-bit layer has the same effect with eraser effect. When drawing and erasing lines, smartly use short cut “x” to swap black and white.

Image:Black and white at 8bit layer

Double click on the layer and adjust the color.

Image. Adjust the color of the layer

If you want to put the color on 8 bit layer, right click and choose “Set foreground as layer color”. Foreground color will be designated. This is a convenient way for choosing some detailed color.

Image. Set foreground as layer color 

Easy to change the line color on 8bit layer

It is quite easy to paint one color or line just in one layer.

Image. Easily change the color of line

It takes less effort to do the drawing with 8 bit layer.

Notices while using 8-bit layer

An 8-bit layer is only in transparent; therefore, if you select a color from the color palette and put it on the 8-bit layer, the color you select will not be shown on it.

It will be better to practice it for further understanding. Try it out!!

For further explanation of 8-bit layer, please refer to “1-bit Layer & 8-bit Layer”.

Image. Try to draw in red rather than black on 8-bit layer. 
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