Let’s try brush and eraser function!! [Tutorial 4]

Let’s try brush and eraser function!!
Canvas is ready!
I want to know how to adjust the brush.
I felt somewhat jagged with the brush…

Once the canvas is ready, let’s start to draw!!

Here, we’ll introduce brush and eraser usage first, and adjustment for brush later.

Brush Function

Choose your favorite brush from brush tool (shown as 1), and try it on your canvas.

Brush can be selected from brush window (shown as 2).

Opacity and size are adjustable at the control panel (shown as 3).

Free to try different brushes!!

Eraser Function

If any redundant lines showing on your canvas, use erasers to wipe them away.

Choose eraser tool (shown as 4 under the brush tool)

Like brush function, size and opacity are adjustable.

Different types of eraser are provided as well.

If you want to delete all, you could either select “Clear” from “Layer” menu, or press “delete” to delete all of them.

Anti-aliasing Function

Anti-aliasing is a function that makes the jagged edges less noticeable.

Jagged lines with brush…
Lines are so messy…

If you find the lines you draw do have this kind of issue, check anti-aliasing function (shown as 5)

Anti-aliasing could be checked and set in the upper menu bar. While the mark is checked, its function is turned ON.

This is what it looks when you switch to ON or OFF.

Let’s switch its status and see any difference there.

Stabilize Image (Reduce Shakes)

This is the function that modifies lines, which usually happens when users draws but with his hands shaking.

You could check the setting status in the upper menu bar. (Shown as 6)

The number itself goes higher, the stronger effect of it is.  Meanwhile, the speed of drawing goes slower.

Adjust the setting and find the pattern that suits you.

Next, we’ll proceed with color setting.

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