How can I set Foreground?

How can I set Foreground?

Five types of brushes for using on PNG format image, including “Bitmap”, “Bitmap Watercolor”, “Scatter”, “Scatter Watercolor”, “Scatter Mix”, “Pattern”, “Roller(Ribbon)”.

Image.  Five types of material brush
Image. Add Bitmap brush

Apply Foreground Color” means before you are using the material, you should notice as the two following condition.

  • Would like to use the color of the material while drawing
  • Would like to draw based on the Foreground Color of the material
Image. Apply Foreground Color

For example, pre-set FireAlpaca2 brush will be a preliminary setting in advance. Once the checkbox is enabled, Foreground Color will be applied as the pattern shown below.

Image. Examples for enable/Disable “Apply Foreground Color”

If you cannot fInd any colors you want to put on your artwork, it might be better for you to have a check on “Apply Foreground Color”.

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