Files in different formats [Tutorial 8]

Files in different formats!
What does “format” mean?
Which format shall I choose?

You could save images in different formats by using FireAlpaca.

Here are some brief explanations of format changing and their feature.

File formats supported by FireAlpaca

If you want to change the image format, select the image “format” before saving your file.

These are the formats supported by FireAlpaca.

FireAlpaca exclusive format.
Text, layer and resolution information will not deteriorate, but still retain itself. However, it cannot be posted to social media, such as Twitter.
The file size will be much smaller. An image will be saved with a transparent background. This format is suitable for posting on social media, such as Twitter.
The file size will be much smaller as well. You could change the compression ratio, but there is no way to restore the original quality. Image quality will deteriorate, and the layers will not be saved as well.
This is the standard format for Windows.
The file is uncompressed; hence, the size of it will be pretty big. You can save it repeatedly without worrying about the image quality  deterioration. Layers will not be saved.
This is the format for Photoshop. If your file data is going to be print, we recommend you save in this format. Meanwhile, PSD format is applicable to other painting software. Layers will be saved, while features restricted in FireAlpaca will not.

If you still have no idea about which format you should save, we recommend you save as “FireAlpaca(*.mdp)”. If you are going to have a post on your social media, we recommend you save as “PNG(*png)”.

Next, we’ll explain how to open the file.

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