How to add color? [Tutorial 5]

How to add color?
I want to add color!!
What is color wheel? What is color bar?
If you are getting used to brush function, take a try with different colors.
We are going to have a brief introduction about the color usage.

Color Window

If you want to change the brush color, select your preferred color from color window. (Shown as 1)

Free to change your brush color while drawing!!

Switch color on “Color Wheel” or “Color Bar”

Switch color on “Color Wheel” or “Color Bar”

You can easily switch them as your preference.

Image. Color Bar

Image. Color Wheel


The brush tool can make ink color to be transparent.
The transparent color can be selected on color window. (Shown as 2)
It can erase the lines with the brush shape, the effect itself differs from the common eraser.
Let’s try to draw with a transparent color.

Keep pressing “Z” key on your keyboard, then you will be able to draw with transparent colors.

Next, we’ll introduce “Undo” and “Redo” function.

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