Basics FireAlpaca

How to use Clear Layer

It is often the case; “I don’t like something about the image… Delete all and start over!” When you want […]

Use Layer Folder

If you draw everything in one layer like a traditional painting, you may not need Layer Folder. But most people […]

Use “Edge Pen”

“Edge Pen” is one of pen tools such as “Pen” and “AirBrush”, and it creates an outlined line. Create “Edge Pen” […]

Understand Autosave function.

FireAlpaca’s Autosave function is not to overwrite a current file automatically.。 Basically, you will need to save a filemanually from the menu. […]

What is Onion Skin mode?

A new function called Onion Skin is equipped from FireAlpaca 1.5.1. Onion Skin tool is used to preview the previous and subsequent drawings […]

>FireAlpaca | Free Digital Painting Software

FireAlpaca | Free Digital Painting Software

FireAlpaca is the free Digital Painting Software that is available in 10 languages and compatible with both Mac and Windows. Simple tools and controls let you draw an illustration easily.