Adjust the Balance of Your Artwork

Adjust the Balance of Your Artwork

Have you ever wondered that the whole balance is a little bit awkward in your artwork? However, feeling tiresome to redraw it, even it is only a draft.

Here comes the solution: Transform the part, which you like to change to make in good balance.

As of “Transform”, it refers to “Image Rotate and Scale”.


Image Transformation (enlarge, reduce, rotate, free transform) Transformation is a very useful function in digital […]

1. Choose “Tool” from memu -> Use “Lasso” or “Select Pen” to change the part you want to transform.
2. Choose “Select” from menu -> Use “Transform” (Shortcut CTRL+T for windows/ Command +T for Mac) to adjust the balance.

Why not take it a try!!

Image. Ummm, the girl’s hand is a bit small. Come and adjust the balance.

Image. Choose “Lasso Tool” or “”Select Pen” to adjust the part you designated to. 
Image. Transform and Adjust
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