【Brachio Updata】FireAlpaca Ver. 2.10.0 is released.

【Brachio Updata】 FireAlpaca Ver. 2.10.0 is released.

  • The brush drawing experience has been greatly improved (Windows).
  • When reading/writing PSD files, layer masks in PSD files and mask layers in MDP files are now converted to each other.
  • Added a display magnification slider to the navigator.
  • Fixed a bug that caused files to always be exported at 72 dpi.
  • Disabled shape symmetry setting for lasso fill.
  • Fixed a bug in the Add Brush menu.
  • Fixed a problem with roller brushes when drawing straight lines.
  • Shortcut keys can now be set for gradient maps, background transparency colors, and flipping layers left/right and up/down.
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