【Archelon Updata】FireAlpaca Ver. 2.11.0 is released.

【Archelon Updata】 FireAlpaca Ver. 2.11.0 is released.

  • The canvas display mechanism has been significantly changed and speeded up.
  • The layout of the brush edit window has been changed.
  • Changed the destination and file format of brushes (brush list).
  • Symmetry options added for layer deformation and mesh deformation.
  • Reorganized the order and wording of the File menu’s Export menu.
  • Changed the crosshair cursor (because it is invisible on the gray).
  • Canvas display does not shift upward when transforming layers.
  • The eyedropper tool now has an option to eyedropper transparent colors.
  • Fixed a bug with the random material option for brushes.
  • A dialog to select the pen pressure API is now displayed at first startup (Windows)
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